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Dear Coyotes,

Thank you to everyone who participated in the audition process.  You were all wonderful!  It was thrilling to see all of the talent at DCIS.  If you are not on this list, please don’t give up!  Continue to take classes and participate in auditions.  I understand how heartbreaking it can be.  I wish I could have everyone involved, but we had over 150 students participate in the audition process!!  We did not make any decisions about the casting of this show lightly. You are all very talented, and we had to put much thought into the best fit for all of the characters.  These were far from easy decisions to make. 

Cast members will need to attend the first rehearsal on Tuesday, November 1 at 2:30 in the MPR.  Crew members are invited to attend the first rehearsal, but it is not required. A parent/guardian for all Cast and Crew members must attend a mandatory meeting at 4pm.