Coyote Academy

What is the Coyote Academy class?

The Coyote Academy class is an instructional support class designed to serve students who have need of additional support to access grade-level concepts/skills and address learning loss due to the reduced instructional minutes that students are receiving during virtual learning.

How were students placed in a Coyote Academy class?
Students were scheduled in a Coyote Academy class based on data collected from the most recent iReady diagnostic scores and state assessments.

What will my child do in the Coyote Academy class?
Students in a Coyote Academy class complete differentiated assignments that are designed to help them access the current classroom curriculum.   Examples may include a combination of the following:

  • Reteaching content from daily or prior lessons for mastery.

  • Targeted skill-based instruction in identified areas of need (e.g., prerequisite skills needed for current lessons).

  • Intensive instruction in math or literacy (e.g., Language Live, iLit).  

What do the other students do who are not in a Coyote Academy class? 
Students who are not enrolled in a Coyote Academy class are provided with appropriate and meaningful supplemental independent learning activities.  Examples may include a combination of the following: 

  • Independent reading with AR quizzes and/or reading logs. 

  • IXL lessons to maintain or enrich grade-level skills.  

  • Performance tasks that require higher-order thinking skills. 

  • Long term projects or research.