DCIS Science & Engineering Fair January 11, 2021

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DCIS Science & Engineering Fair January 11, 2021

Dear Science & Engineering Fair Participant,

We are excited that you are interested in participating in the Science & Engineering Fair. Winning school-level projects will be entered into the Etiwanda School District Science & Engineering Fair Judging during the week of January 18-22 of
. Winners at the district level will advance to the San Bernardino County Science & Engineering Fair in early April.

Participants may work individually or with a partner to submit a science fair project. Projects may be in one of two scientific approaches/formats for the school, district, and county level competitions.

1) One option is the traditional science fair project that uses the scientific method. This project would include a digital display showcasing the problem, research, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results, and conclusion. In addition, students are required to provide a journal which contains all information on the display board, an abstract, any notes and observations supporting the testing results, and a bibliography.

2) The other option is an engineering project which is unique in design and display. The engineering project is based upon a problem which leads to researching and exploring an alternative design to solve the problem. A prototype or model is designed and constructed. Themodelistested Multiple conditions and trials. The student redesigns the original prototype based upon collected data and retests to collect additional data. The project digital display board indicates the problem, research, images of the designed prototype and revisions, results, and conclusion considerations. The project must include a journal with an abstract, additional research and design plans, and a bibliography.

Project topics and ideas must be approved by your teacher prior to beginning the work in order to ensure appropriateness and safety. Please review the attached slides, which provide information and details to complete your project. Intermediate school students will be required to video a 4-6 minute oral presentation to show their understanding of the project. A digital display template is provided in this slide presentation for your use. Please make it unique and design it according to your project and its components. Google Slides can be used in order to produce a digital notebook. While there is value in support from family and staff at all ages and divisions, the goal is for the student at any grade level to take a leading role in this scientific process from start to finish.

DCIS School Science & Engineering Fair Project Due Date: January 11, 2021

Please email us if you have any questions.

Mrs. Yasuda (
Lorena_Yasuda@etiwanda.org )
Mr. White (
mitchel_white@etiwanda.org ) DCIS Science Fair Coordinators