Traffic and Passenger Loading Information

The city of Rancho Cucamonga created passenger loading zones for Day Creek Intermediate School along Day Creek Blvd north (for northbound traffic) and south (for southbound traffic) of Coyote Drive . These zones are in addition to the passenger loading zone along Coyote Drive. Passenger Loading zones allow parking and waiting for students during school hours in areas otherwise zoned as no parking.

In an effort to streamline traffic exiting from our school parking lot, a right turn only sign has been posted at the parking lot exit and cars that travel through our parking lot to drop students off on the curb may only turn right on Duncaster St.

Blue arrows indicate parking lot flow of traffic in our parking lot and exit directions. Green areas indicate Passenger Loading Zones.

Pedestrian / Driver Interaction

As they walk to school, our students can be so focused on friends, phones and conversations that they are unaware of moving vehicles and may enter into moving traffic unexpectedly. Our drivers, inundated with information at busy intersections or following crossing guard directions, may not see students in unexpected locations. When these two groups meet in the morning, it is important to follow the traffic laws and school procedures that guide our drop-off and pick-up routines to ensure the safety of our children.

We regularly receive phone calls from parents concerned about the traffic surrounding Day Creek Intermediate and as a school we have put several procedures in place to address traffic in and around Day Creek Intermediate School.

Coyote Dr.  Drop-off:

Coyote Drive Drop Off

Day Creek Drop-off:
Day creek Drop Off

Duncaster Traffic:

Walking path for students:
walking path

What Day Creek is doing to help with traffic:

We control the traffic flow on school grounds. We have a procedure for driving on the school campus and dropping off students at the curb that allows for a safe and smooth entrance and exit. We limit the direction parents can exit the driveway to keep traffic flowing smoothly and help students safely cross the school driveway. Previously, cars could make a left or right turn which was confusing to students and proctors since an exiting driver’s ability to enter traffic was open at different times.

We encourage parents to use the passenger loading zones on the east and west side of Day Creek Blvd. and the passenger loading zone along the south side of Coyote Dr. These are excellent locations for student drop-off and pick-up if you choose to avoid the school parking lot. We do not recommend the use of Duncaster Dr. for drop-off or pick-up with its limited curbside access, uncontrolled crosswalks, and large volume of traffic.

We do not control the traffic on city streets surrounding Day Creek. We have been asked to stop parents from making illegal u-turns on Day Creek Blvd., speeding down Stoneview Dr., and running stop signs. While we would like it if all parents would follow the traffic laws on city streets surrounding Day Creek, we have no way of enforcing traffic laws. The SB Sheriff's Dept. visits our intersections on a regular basis to reinforce the laws of the road.

We requested an additional crossing guard for the Duncaster Dr. and Coyote Dr. intersection, but the volume of student and vehicle traffic did not meet the city's criteria for staffing. Crossing guards are city contracted employees, not school employees.

What you can do as a parent and driver:

Follow the laws guiding traffic around schools. Be extra vigilant with children who may do unexpected things. It is never safe to let students out of the car in the middle of Day Creek Blvd. or ask them to cross the street outside of the crosswalk (jaywalk). Please reinforce safe pedestrian routines with your children.

Understand that everyone dropping off or picking up students has the responsibility to know and follow all procedures. Always observe signs and instructions from school staff when entering and exiting the school parking lot. Most importantly, please drive slowly, be alert and watch for pedestrians.

Be safe, be courteous, and be patient.