English Learner Advisory Committee

What is the English Learner Advisory Committee?

The purpose of this committee is to provide opportunities for parents to give advice and assist the school in the decision-making process concerning programs for Limited English Proficient students. The work of the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) is to: (1) Consult parents regarding programs for, and services to, English Learners; (2) Advise the School Site Council on the Development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement; (3) Advice the school on the annual Language Census (R-30); and (4) Help make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.

The ELAC is comprised of parents of children who are English Learners and who attend Heritage Intermediate School, the principal, and teachers and staff who serve EL students.

Per the bylaws, the ELAC may meet to delegate its responsibilities to an existing School Site Council for up to two years.  In 2016, the ELAC at HIS delegated its responsibilities to the School Site Council. In 2018, after elections and nominations are held, the ELAC will meet to determine if it is appropriate to delegate its responsibilities to the School Site Council for another two years or not.

For more information, please email the principal.